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Setting the Path from Vision to Growth
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CEO & Managing Director

Warren Flick


1998 to Present

CEO and Managing Director of Seminal Advisors and Warren Flick Associates.

Warren has been advising worldwide consumer brands and international retailers on strategic positioning and growth for more than 15 years…including direct operational leadership at Coles Myer, Ltd. as its Managing Director for General Merchandise and Apparel and Silicon Valley based Neato Robotics as its President and CEO.

His client relationships include Randa Accessories where he has been for more than 25 years a strategic advisor on acquisitions, strategic positioning and growth…..including interface with America’s leading retailers and high growth online sellers. He has similarly advised Edcon. Ltd in South Africa on international expansion and growth. First as an advisor and then as its Managing Director, Coles Myer Ltd was an important multi-year responsibility, which included the Myer Department Stores, Target Australia, K Mart Australia and Officeworks. Neato Robotics with its breakthrough technology for autonomous operating of personal robotics for home application has been a high emphasis and priority relationship with Warren serving as strategic advisor and CEO where Neato has accomplished growth from a high potential start up in 2011 to substantial North American market share and significant penetration across Europe and Asia Pacific.

Warren maintains active relationships with North American and international retail leaders who are often in pursuit of strategic evolution planning, business turnaround or first-to-launch responsibility for the innovative products Seminal is managing.

In particular, entrepreneurs with new technology consumer products also rely on Warren’s expertise to launch their companies. Warren works with his Seminal Advisors team to help these new companies set the path from vision to growth. To date several new companies have been launched into channels of distribution with more in the staging process, including:

  • Roominate, Inc. The first line of building toys for young girls that stimulates STEM education…..currently distributed across North America’s leading retailers and worldwide via contract distribution. Seminal served as Roominate’s commercial development interface with the world’s retailers and mentored its highly regarded founders Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen. Roominate was acquired by Playmonster, an important strategic toy manufacturer and marketer, in December of 2015 marking Seminal’s first acquisition of a portfolio company. Seminal’s founder, Warren Flick, now supports Roominate’s growth within Playmonster.

  • Knot Standard , Stantt are important direct to consumer brands that are part of a growing investment portfolio which Warren supports and stimulates growth.

  • Wonder Crew. Wonder Crew has developed dolls, called “Crewmates”, that combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal. Seminal serves as strategic advisor to Wonder Crew’s founder, Laurel Wider, and as with Roominate, will support the commercial success of this very important concept for boy’s play pattern and the positive impact this will have on the child’s development.


1980 to 2013

  • President and CEO Neato Robotics

  • Managing Director Coles Myer—Australia

  • President and COO Kmart

  • Chairman and CEO Sears de Mexico

  • Group Vice President Sears (Apparel, Home and Footwear)

  • Executive Vice President Randa Accessories

  • Group Vice President Montgomery Ward Apparel

  • Executive Vice President Harper Industries

Warren’s management career as Executive Officer, President, CEO or Managing Director has also spanned more than 30 years. He has led organizations across many disciplines from restructuring to growth. His long history of apparel product development, merchandising, marketing, worldwide supply chain including direct sourcing across the globe, logistics, strategic re-positioning, sustaining growth strategies and leadership development has provided value for consumer brands and international retailers. In particular, private and public investors have underpinned Warren’s business leadership initiatives as President of Kmart by providing equity infusion and debt restructuring in support of turnaround strategies and corporate remerchandising—all ultimately leading to significant market cap growth. In similar fashion, the improvement in Coles Myer’s Target and Kmart divisions, recruitment of new leadership for Myer and the growth of   Officeworks helped lift Coles Myer’s share price and ultimately led to its being successfully acquired. Warren continues to attract investment for the new ventures that his Seminal partners are advising.

Board of Directors and Advisors

  • First Insight

  • I Storm

  • K mart

  • Neato Robotics

  • Paxar

  • One Price Stores

  • Sears de Mexico

  • Stride Rite

 First Insight, with its market leading predictive analytics, has appointed Warren to its Board of Advisors.

Warren has served as Chairman or a member of the Board of Directors for publicly traded companies since his appointment as Chairman of Sears de Mexico in 1994. This has included chairmanship and/or membership of the strategic planning, audit, finance and compensation committees. His turnaround and strategic repositioning focus has led to many request for advisory or strategic consulting.