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Setting the Path from Vision to Growth

Setting the path from vision to growth

Seminal Advisors


Setting The Path From Vision To Growth.

Our team’s experience as founders, leaders, and CEO’s of successful consumer product brands and retailers has given Seminal Advisors a deep understanding of effective go-to-market game plans. Expert at integrating online and traditional channels into a powerful growth strategy, we have a history of big ideas, big implementations, and big success. Let our experts help you create the path from vision to growth.

Warren Flick

CEO & Managing partner


Warren’s management career as Executive Officer, President, CEO or Managing Director has also spanned more than 30 years. He has led organizations across many disciplines from restructuring to growth. His long history of apparel product development, merchandising, marketing, worldwide supply chain including direct sourcing across the globe, logistics, strategic re-positioning, sustaining growth strategies and leadership development has provided value for consumer brands and international retailers. In particular, private and public investors have underpinned Warren’s business leadership initiatives as President of Kmart by providing equity infusion and debt restructuring in support of turnaround strategies and corporate remerchandising, ultimately leading to significant market cap growth. Read More


Areas of Expertise

Expert Teams, Real World Contacts

Seminal Advisors brings in a team with track records, who are real world experts with actual experience and proven results to drive each client opportunity. We take the time to fundamentally understand your business and work hand in hand with you to re-invent your strategy. We don’t just give recommendations—we roll up our sleeves, use our extensive industry contacts, and create the momentum needed to drive growth.

Retail Turnaround Strategy

Seminal has deep expertise in retail turnarounds and reinvention. From a segment revival within a larger retail brand to very successful full restructuring of publicly listed retailers Warren and his team have rewarded stakeholders with remarkable improvements in enterprise value and market capitalization. Seminal understands the value chain from product invention to consumer purchase and builds organizational excellence to execute the plan.

Deep Knowledge Of Consumer Brands

Seminal Advisors knows how to expand both online and traditional channels and integrate them into a successful growth strategy. We have a history of big ideas and big implementations and have created big success for companies like Randa Accessories and Neato Robotics. As the retail market evolves, your brand strategy needs to evolve with it. Let our experts help you create the path from vision to success.

An Eye To Exploit Trends

Seminal Advisors teams are selected for their ability to spot and exploit marketplace trends. From traditional brick-and-mortar to online markets and social media selling, we will dig in to craft and implement a strategy that makes your brand a leader in its segment, expands your business to new segments, and takes your company to the next level.


Seminal Advisors assists consumer brands to become experts in their category, growing that brand into a leadership position. Our contacts within the retail market are significant and our team of retail, licensing and brand experts will help fuel your concept, hone your strategy and accelerate retail growth. Then, we create elasticity by expansion within core competency, widening your niche and growing the business into related categories, enhancing the brand as a leader in each new category.




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